Sunday, May 15, 2011

Melissa: Crack Goes the Tree, Crack Goes the Leg, Crack Goes the Brush and Hand

There is a level 2 wind emergency in effect as of 2:00 this afternoon. Winds of up to 90 miles per hour have been recorded in the area. No one is to be out on the roads except in emergency. It is highly recommended to remain indoors.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Annie Story: Drinking isn't for the Moody

*NOTE* I plan on making this one a series too... but we'll see.
“Annie, what are you doing to yourself here?” my cousin, Andrew said as he closed and locked the front door of his apartment, and then sat down next to me. I just stared straight ahead, hoping to avoid his gaze. He and I had talks about this several times before tonight. I didn’t want to talk about it again.

Story: After They Died

I sat in my car in the nearly empty lot, Metallica blaring out of the speakers and causing my eardrums to bleed; but it was so much like a lullaby to me, taking away all the pain of what had just happened. Almost making me forget that he was gone… for good. But it wasn’t enough. It was never enough.

I let the last note play before I turned my key in the ignition and placed the car in park, opening my door and not even bothering to lock it behind me before I stumbled up the stairs to my friend’s apartment, exhausted from the past three days of not getting any sleep, and knocked on the door.

Christmas Eve Smackdown

*NOTE* This was my first spanking story. Just so you know. :)

It was snowing outside when I pulled up to his house in my old banged up car. I could see the lights on his Christmas tree flashing, colorful and bright; so odd, he never struck me as the Christmas loving type. Actually, quite the opposite, he seemed like he was a complete Scrooge. Maybe it was just a way for people to think he was what he wasn’t, a bright and happy holiday loving guy, friendly and fun to be around. Well, he was anything but, but that didn’t really matter… he was just someone to buy from, the only person I could buy from.

Katelyn/Jessica: It's Okay to be Imperfect

*just a note* If I happen to forget to put who wrote it in this series or any other series that I write with someone else, it's me that wrote it. That is all.

I step forward one way and step back another. I put myself together, only to fall apart again. I’m constantly trying to succeed but only find I’m falling behind. They say I’m doing great but inside, I feel myself breaking into millions of tiny pieces. If I’m so perfect, why do I always mess up? If I’m so smart, why do I feel like the biggest idiot ever? I lost myself so long ago, before they left this world. Now I’m stuck here, in this house, spending my time worrying about homework and school instead of worrying about me. I hate myself for who I am. Will I ever be good enough?

Katelyn/Jessica: Never Again Part II

Katelyn ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind her after everything was over with and done. I was shocked. It wasn’t like her to act this way. I thought after such a trying day, things would be okay after I had taken care of everything. Well, apparently they weren’t. I had tried to comfort her afterwards like I always do, had tried to make sure she was alright, but she wouldn’t have any of it. She just pushed me away and ran towards the bathroom. Something told me things weren’t right, but even with Katelyn’s history, I never would have expected what I found behind that door.

Katelyn/Jessica: Never Again Part I

It was summer and school had been out for a couple of weeks. I’d successfully finished the year with all A’s. Despite that close encounter with the B-, I made it out with nearly perfect grades. Things were looking up with Jessica too. After that whole thing with the school and unwarranted searches, we’d been getting along better than ever. It was awesome. I felt like I had my sister back, almost. But anyways, to move on with the story: it was summer, which naturally meant do nothing, eat and drink what you want when you want, stay up late and break rules. Well, I did everything except for the first and last ones. Haha, that’s probably what got me into trouble. So scratch the not breaking rules. I did that one too. Oh and the doing nothing, I probably actually did that one as well. So I did all four. Haha, just don’t listen to me. It’s something you should have learned by now.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pardon my Absence

Okay, for all of you who have been reading, I apologize for my absence. I haven't had much of a chance to really get away from my studies and commitments. I don't get much of a chance to write which I will always do before I even check this. There's a few ideas in the works. I've started two new stories, one for a new series and another for the Melissa series. So just be patient with me. I didn't die.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Katelyn/Jessica: Searching for Trouble

A continuation in the Jessica/Katelyn series.  Jessica is frustrated with the random searches going on in her middle school.  With the help of her best friend (and partner in crime) she decides to protest and ends up getting in more trouble than bargained for. This is my favorite one in the series.

Searching For Trouble
by Breanna Carter

Katelyn/Jessica: Why did Katelyn Cross the Road?

Part of the Jessica/Katelyn Series.  It's the middle of the night and Katelyn and her best friend are craving donuts.  Fortunately there's a 24-hour Dunkin Donuts close by, and no one's around to stop them from going.  Then they have this bright idea to play a dangerous game in the middle of the highway that almost gets them killed... which Katelyn would probably prefer after Robert gets his hands on her.

Why Did Katelyn Cross the Road?
by Mackenzie

Katelyn/Jessica: Starvation Kills

Part of the Jessica/Katelyn series.  Katelyn has lost her appetite and doesn't ever want to eat.  One day she passes out at school and Robert realizes that it's time to have a serious talk. Written by me.

Disclaimer - This story includes themes of eating disorders and may trigger some. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Starvation Kills
by Mackenzie

Katelyn/Jessica: Go Mets

Part of the Jessica and Katelyn series.  Jessica is frustrated when she's grounded during the big Mets game.  But since when has being grounded ever stopped her from doing what she wants? This one is by Breanna.

Go Mets!
by Breanna Carter

Robert and I were constantly at each other's throats. This time it was about my school work. While Katelyn brought home all A's on her report card, with one measly B, mine was scattered with B's and C's, and a D in American Studies. I mean really, who cares about all the dead presidents? Definitely not me.

Katelyn/Jessica: Drinking Young

*Note* My second story in the series and the third overall. Keep in mind this is when I first started writing these stories (not that I've written many, lol) and was experimenting with ideas. Turns out, I'm not too good with the drinking ones. haha. enjoy anyways!

Drinking Young
by Mackenzie

I wasn’t a bad kid, really I wasn’t. I did well in school and I was on the honors roll every quarter. I was on the academic team and I played violin (and not too badly either). I mean, when Robert talked to me sometimes while he was disappointed in or angry with Jessica, he told me he was so happy I was such a good kid. He told me I was easy. It’s not like he didn’t think that Jessica was a good kid. It’s not that he didn’t love her. It’s just that he was disappointed in her quite frequently. But anyways, I guess he was wrong on the whole me being a good kid thing. Because even with all those good things, I sure as hell make stupid and occasionally dangerous mistakes.

Katelyn/Jessica: The F- Word

*Note* The second story in the Katelyn/Jessica series and the first one written by Breanna. I LOVE this one!

The F-Word
by Breanna Carter

“Landon is a fag-got!!!” Patrick chanted in the lunch room, milk carton in hand, doubling over with laughter. “I bet even your mom takes it up the ass!”

Katelyn/Jessica: Run Away Smartass

*Note* This is the first in the Jessica/Katelyn series. I write from the pov of Katelyn and Breanna writes from the pov of Jessica. This one is by me.

Run Away Smartass
By Mackenzie

When I was 13 years old, the worst thing that could have ever possibly happened to me did… my parents died. That’s right, 13 years old and parents are dead. Now my sister and I are left alone to fend for ourselves, right? Well, not exactly. They sent both of us to live with our older brother, Robert, age 26, married to a man by the name of Daniel, age 27.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maria: Changing Minds isn't as easy as 1, 2, smack

"Maria! I heard my brother, Aaron, scream from downstairs. "Get down here this instant!"
I immediately ran down the stairs. "What?" I asked, exasperated and very annoyed, holding onto the railing.
"Come here, Maria Lane."

Maria: I'd rather chew gum

“I thought you told me you were taking care of your teeth!” my brother Aaron yelled at me as he slammed his car door shut.
“I was?” I tried, whispering meekly.
“Bullshit, Maria. You have 11 cavities and 2 crowns. Bullshit you’re taking care of your teeth.”
“I’m sorry, Aaron,” I said, attempting to be apologetic.

Melissa: Spinning in the Rain

It had been three whole months since my grandpa died and also three whole months since I had cut. Mark periodically checked to make sure I wasn’t cutting so it’s not like I could anyway. Anyways, now it was January and I was doing a lot better. I hadn’t cut or burned and I was beginning to heal from my grandpa’s death. I had started playing my guitar again and writing songs like I used to. I was painting and drawing again. I had even picked up a few new things, including photography (I had bought myself a new camera) and my latest endeavor in the arts… winter guard. Now, I’m not sure if you know exactly what winter guard is but if you don’t, you should look it up. Basically, I spin a flag on a six foot pole in a choreographic manner, to music. I would start on flag and gradually move on to other things like rifle or saber. You should probably look this up if I’ve lost you already, because it’s going to be important to know what this is.

Melissa: Goodbye Isn't Forever

*NOTE* This is the first story in the Melissa series. I don't have many stories for any of my series yet because I've only just begun to write these kinds of stories. But there will be more ASAP!!!

*ANOTHER NOTE* This story contains themes of self-injury. If you are sensitive to this, please DON'T READ.
I never realized how much he meant to me until he was gone. I never knew it'd feel this bad when he finally died. Why does time take everything away? Why do we lose it all?
I banged my head against the steering wheel of my car repeatedly. I was pulled along on the shoulder of the highway with my hazard lights on. It was pouring down rain outside and water was streaming down my car and over my windshield like it does in a drive through car wash. I was struggling to not let water fall from my own eyes like it was falling from the sky, but it was to no avail. Within seconds of getting the phone call from my brother about my grandpa's death, I was crying and I'm not sure if I could stop or if I could even drive home in my condition.